Who are you guys?!



Mister Ikari


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What we stand for.
We are a loosely knit group of artists, writers, and other creative souls
whose goal is to take over the world!!! Not really. We have banded together
to provide an open forum and support network for our various creative efforts.
As someone great once said "There is strength in numbers!!!"

Who all is involved in this nonsense?!
Thus far, our membership list is not extremely lengthy, but our current members are as follows.

Carl Knudson (a.k.a. Carl Vincent)
Original Founder of Mind Poisoning Entertainment

Roy Covill (a.k.a. Izuya Kei Ikari)
Current organizer and communicator. Also an artist.

Adam Van Kirk (a.k.a. Alice Schafer)
Current webmaster and general pain in the butt.

Christopher Deters

Anyone else who needs listed or has changes to the list, E-Mail Adam!

How can I become part of the madness?!
We are always in need of new ideas and artistry. If you think you can help us out, drop an E-Mail to Roy or Adam!