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And the insanity continues!!!
I would like to express our thanks in your interest in our projects! Please feel free to visit our favorite sites.

The guilty parties!

KB9VDI The musical "talents" of Adam! (I'm not responsible for hearing damage)

Chibi Chibi is the hyper-kawaii superstar that drew the killer commission of the BGGD trio that's
soon to be posted on the Photo Page. You should drop everything and check her stuff out right now!!!

Favorite places to go!
ADV Films Home of some of our favorite dubs.
Rightstuf A favorite place to buy decent anime.
Anime Nation Good shopping here too.
Deviant Art The folks on top are rude, but it's a good source of creative energy!
Eva-R The next chapter in the Evangelion saga.
Discount Anime DVD Seriously cool. You can get subbed animes and other
Otaku goods at a great price, some of which you can't get anywhere else!!!

Malice Mizer The Best J-rock.
Ask Jeeves Got questions?
J-List A seriously cool site with lots of unique Japanese items!